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The Story About You x Me CHAPTER LIST

The Story About You x Me:

The school’s famous troublemaker—— Gu Ze! Originally only on 30-day class duty, student union vice president Ye Ruchuan ‘changed it a little’, making it 300 days... Two people fighting a battle of wits for whether to be on class duty or not! As the shocked bad guys go their separate ways, Gu Ze and Ye Ruchuan gradually start to get to know each other in the middle of a hateful godlike manipulation, and slowly cultivate an understanding of each other..... delinquent vs. vice president! The daily life of a 17-year-old trying his best to skip class duty!
Chapter name Time uploaded
The Story About You x Me Chapter 41

: The Lettuce Part of Hamburgers

The Story About You x Me Chapter 36

: A Deal With An Idiot